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Lip Masterclass


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New York

Hope you’ve been well! I wanted to catch you up on my PMU journey! Your ombré powder brow training last June completed changed the course of my life from thereafter. I never thought PMU could have such a major and incredible impact on how I feel about myself, the work I do, and how I want to shape my future. Moreover, I worked in the corporate world previously for so long marketing things that had no real human impact. Now I feel grateful to be able to create such positive and direct change for my clients, who finally are able to recognize the beauty that has always been there. It’s been humbling, gratifying and has inspired me to take it all to the next level. 

Since then, I've hired two other great artists, AND I’ve finally been able to get my own studio space for Tint Brow Studio in NYC! But my journey has taken on a new form, and I’ve really grown a desire and passion to help other artists level-up in their own businesses (having gone through so many challenges early on myself). I recently launched my new business called Ink Collective, the industry’s first-ever luxury coworking space designed specifically for PMU artists. It is fully furnished with premium beds, lights, medical stands, AND includes complimentary disposables, sharps disposal, refreshments, WiFi, central Manhattan location, and so much more! 

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Leann La

Leann La


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