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Our Brow workshops are a perfect compliment to PMU-Pro online brow training.  

They during these workshops Leann will be spending intimate time with each student helping them perfect the techniques and then guiding you through working on a live model.  

These Brow Workshops are for past Fuzion Artistry, and PMU-Pro students only.  

Students will be required to bring their own machine needles and pigments.  

Workshops run from 10am-4pm and are held at our location in Huntington Beach, CA.  


These workshops are for PMU-Pro students or past FA students only.  

If you are not registered for PMU-Pro or have not taken a past brow class from us, PLEASE DO NOT sign up for a work shop.  

Intimate Class Setting

Hands-on Work

Live Model Work

Frequently asked questions

Where are the Workshops Located?

All workshops are held at our studios in Huntington Beach, California. 

Are there near by accommodations?

There are several hotels within 1 mile of our location.  

We have a partnership with a local hotel that offers discounts and ride service for our students. If this is something that interest you, please contact Chandler at  

Do I need to bring anything?

Because these workshops are for our current and past students, you will be required to bring your own machines, needles and pigments.  

Do I need to bring my own model?

We highly suggest that you bring your own model. it tends to be a more comfortable and less stressful procedure when a student gets to work on someone they know.   This also leaves the model accessible to the student to monitor results, do tough up work and get the a healed picture for marketing.   

With that being said, if you can not provide your own model, we will find one for you for a fee of $100.  

Are there requirements for the models?

Your model should have virgin brows.  No previous Permanent Makeup.  This is not a correction class, so models with previous work will not be appropriate.  

Your model can not be pregnant or nursing.  

If your model has a health condition in questions, please email Chandler are

Meet there Trainer

Leann La

Leann La